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the fun, feel-good (currently virtual) community choir



No audition or regular commitment necessary... just a love of singing! ​​



Tuesdays, 6.00-7.15pm

May's Coffee Shop,

19 Greenock Road,


(entrance at back in car park)

join us 

We're a friendly group who are always looking for new members! You don't have to be able to read music or even  be a particularly good singer (although you're probably better than you think)! Just an enjoyment of singing is all that's required.

No audition or weekly commitment necessary. We do regular, informal performances, but you don't have to participate in these if the thought makes you quake in your boots! 

To find out more about how to join us, contact Laura by text or e-mail, or use the contact form 

Don't forget to "like" our                               for updates! 


You can bring along £7 in cash for one session. If you're a regular member, you can pay £36 for 6 sessions                    

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